dimarts, 6 de gener del 2015

A lot of respect for that man

-Major Colvin: You see that building there? It's the Old Stryker building. It was a funeral parlor. Last stop before the cemetery for west side white folk. Back when there was still some of those around. Right about the time that, uh, Jim Crow was breaking up. Back in the early '60's. Somebody asked old man Stryker, they said "Stryker, you're gonna change your policy and start burying black folk?" And Stryker said "yeah, on one condition: I can do them all at once." [Colvin laughs]

-Councillor Carcetti: That's sick.

-Major Colvin: But you know something? I had a lot of respect for that man. Because unlike most folks, I always knew where he stood.

The Wire, third season.

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  1. Una de les centenars de joies de The Wire ... Omar testificant ja és d'orgasme )