dimecres, 7 de setembre del 2011

Let the weapons flow

Bin Laden was George senior`s clan
Not so long ago
Set George up
With a retirement plan
Lots of low tax , Doe
Go down White House
Way down in pay-off land
Tell the
Leave the Saudis alone.

There is oil and gas
In Uzbekistan
Oil and gas must flow
So we depose the taliban
Weirdoes` summer go
Bend down
Kneel down and lend a hand
Tell the people
Liberty must go.

There is more to gain
In war then peace
Let the weapons flow
Destabilize the Middle East
Enrich the CEO
Go down brother
Way down on florida`s sand
Tell the
Not to let my people vote.

The VP (= Vice President) had a heart attack
Oily blood , you know
While he`s still here
Let`s bomb Iraq
Give the rubes a show
Lie down, people
Lay down your Bill of Rights
James Madison
We had to let those amendments go.

The opium crop was blown away
Let them poppies grow
Thanks to US troops
It`s back today
Only goes to show
Go down
Wall Street
Sell off my shares today
Tell my broker
Put it it all in blow.

The Fugs, Go down Congress.