dimarts, 9 d’octubre del 2012

The three F's

George Hamilton and his father would meet for lunch at the King Cole Bar, where the senior Hamilton would give his son advice, "the secret stuff you needed to know about women. He said, 'Always carry a handkerchief, and let her use it, let her cry.' And, 'Women will forget everything they've ever said. Allow them that.' And it's crude, but he said, 'With women, remember the three 'F's. You have to feed them, every day. You have to fuck them, every day. And you have to fight them, every day.'" That's a lot of work, no? "Every day", Hamilton repeated, grinning.

A quick study, Hamilton promptly began an affair with his stepmother, June Howard -the woman his mother had caught in bed with his father. "Her pelvis would arrive across the room before the rest of her", he explained.

Tad Friend, The New Yorker. George Hamilton. Road Trip