diumenge, 2 d’octubre del 2022

Away from today


I hit the ground runningRunning all the way from sin.She stole my heart fasterThan the bullet that I put in him.She took the case and I grabbed the wheels.She taught me to fend and taught me to steal away.
My hands are shaking, my knees are so weak,The rush I crave the long you seek.
AwayAway from today
I open my eyes and roll to my side,And the surprise of the morning sun.She took to the road and left me aloneBefore a heartbeat begunSo I drove through the nightAnd chased it 'til light.The hunt lasted days, I thought I'd lost my wayBut there she lay
But my hands are stainedMy tears are blackWatch me as I turn my back and go

AwayAway from today.

Away from today, Dan Croll.