dijous, 9 de juliol del 2009

Beauty is my enemy

The Stutterer: Everything is powerless. It was small as this, but grew so big it filled the world like tremendous music. That's the power of beauty's eternity. It poisons us. It blocks out our lives.

The Cripple: please, enough of your pride! Beauty is like a rooten tooth. It rubs against your tongue, hurting, insisting on its importance. Finally you go to a dentist and have it pulled. Then you look at the small bloody tooth in your hand and say, 'is that all it was?' That's the way it is. Only knowledge can turn life's unbearableness into a weapon.

The Stutterer: Beauty is now my enemy. Life is bearable only when I imagine the Golden Pavillion has been destroyed."

Excerpt from the book The Temple of the Golden Pavillion, by Mishima Yukio.
Pictured on the movie Mishima. A Life in four Chapters, by Paul Schrader. New number 2 in our 2009 best movies ranking!