dimecres, 27 de gener del 2010

Il Divo, 2009 best movie

Il Divo, directed by the Italian film maker Paolo Sorrentino, was awarded with the Golden Iceberg as the best movie of 2009.

Il Divo is a master piece and probably the best european movie of the first decade of the 21st century. Sorrentino confirms that Italy still is the top one producer of high quality cinema in Europe.

Every aspect of Il Divo can be considered almost perfect: from the photography, its ironical treatment of History, its moral weight, the amazing dialogues and the monologues of the main character, Giulio Andreotti (Toni Servillo) to its artistical coup d'effet mixing visual FX and contemporary music.


The other finalists also are exceptional productions; any of them could have been winners of the Golden Iceberg.

The Silver Iceberg was given to Mishima, of Paul Schrader, for its poetry in motion, respect for the Japanese culture and because it achieves a very difficult task to show in two parallel stories the biography of Mishima.

The third qualified was the TV production The Office for its amazing, intelligent and hilarious humour.

The last finalists are The Wrestler and Battle for Haditha, two movies that help to understand the strength and healthy democracy of the United States, because there is no other country so used and able to critize itself.