dilluns, 2 de gener del 2012

2011 Best books, movies, songs awards

2011 Best Books.

1. Golden Iceberg: The right stuff, Tom Wolfe.
'The right stuff' is journalism at its best with a narrative and descriptive quality hardly difficult to be coped.

2. Silver iceberg: Die Leiden des jüngen Werthers, Johann Wolfgang Goethe.
Goethe accomplishes his goal to help us to understand that for human kind the motor of mental suffering is its own soul.

3. Bronze Iceberg: El estafador, Fyodor Dostoyevsky.
El estafador es un magnífico retrato de la necesidad del ser humano de aprender a convivir con sus miserias.
4. Die Stunde der wahren Empfindung, Peter Handke.
5. Asterios Polyp, David Mazzucchelli.

2011 Best Films.

Golden Iceberg: Farenheit 451. Directed by François Truffaut.
Truffaut's adaptation of Ray Bradbury's novel is specially regarded for the reconstruction of this book without books. The jury of the Iceberg awards also recognizes that it is specially worth the pictures he describes of how foolish the world can be without literature. It is specially scary that it reminds us a lot of our actual life.

Silver Iceberg: Happiness. Directed by Todd Solondz.
'Happiness' is the ultimate black humour against the conventionalism of the western middle class.

Bronze Iceberg: The 25th hour. Directed by Henri Verneuil.
If you want to cry discovering how a war can change the fate of a family, then you must see 'The 25th hour'.

4. The tree of life. Directed by Terrence Malick.
5. Into the eternity. Directed by Michael Madsen.

2011 Best Songs.

Golden Iceberg: Caring is creepy. The Shins.This award is a recognition of the constant, hard and valuable work that The Shins is doing to rise the level of folk-indie music.

Silver Iceberg: Moot. Get the blessing.
Get the Blessing is the band that has created a new dimension in jazz music. Theirs is another world.

Bronze Iceberg:
Homes i dones de cap dret. Quimi Portet.
Bronze a Quimi Portet perquè ha demostrat que malgrat els anys i les seves desvariacions encara és capaç de fer melodies tan emotives i lletres tan sorprenentment poètiques i alhora arrelades a la realitat com la d'Homes i dones del cap dret.

What is my role. Edwyn Collins.
5. Dalshe Deystovat Budem. Kino.