dijous, 11 de desembre del 2008


"At 4:04
Come in and shut the door
My favorite time of day
To lay with you is afternoon
I set my watch
I never need to
In that lonesome mood of being too long away from you

Leave us alone

Pour some tea
And western sun shiny
Let’s disappear into the last rays
Of another do nothing day
There’s so little done
But rest is necessary
Mission unaccomplished
‘Cause the best things happen in reclusion
Leave us alone
Leave us alone

Drop the Venetian blinds
Drop what you’re doing

A salty morning
And save the chocolate for later on
Tape the drapes closed,
And let the grass grow
‘Cause my whole life’s right here inside
Leave us alone
Leave us alone
Please leave us alone
Leave us alone".

Mark Mulcahy