dimarts, 7 de gener del 2014

The 2013 Best Iceberg Movies

1, The Golden Iceberg goes to Lilith, a brilliant story about the thin border between sanity and madness.

2, The Silver Iceberg goes to Twin Peaks. The award is an homage to the influence that David Lynch creation still has on a lot of series that rock the present TV rankings.

3, The Bronze Iceberg is for Michael Haneke's Amour, a sad but too real narration about our decrepitude that deserves to be remembered thanks to its beautifully depicted pain.

4, Me and you and everyone we know is Amanda July's translation into cinema. July's creative world is as valuable as it has been shown in her literature or her art works.

5, Blue Jasmine is a very good movie by Woody Allen. Despite that the Iceberg is skeptical about the current capability of Allen to master cinema as he did thirty years ago, not to be mentioned the stress that means to make a movie every year, Blue Jasmine is a incredible description of many women that end alone and insane facing the irreal belief that their buoyany lifes still exist.