dilluns, 29 de juny del 2009

Ghosts in Zhongnanhai

"He said once Zhou Enlai invited Empty Cloud to Beijing. He said, "Nobody knows about this. I've never told anyone. Zhou Enlai sent word that the Old Master was to come alone and not to bring with him anyone except his attendant. When Zhou Enlai heard that Xuyun [Empty Cloud] was coming, he was very happy and was looking forward to their meeting. But when the Old Master was ushered into his office, the premier became very upset. You don't know about this. Nobody knows about this. Premier Zhou said, 'I told you not to bring anyone, to come alone. Why did you bring all these people with you?' Hundreds of people have suddenly appeared in the room. Xuyun said, 'I did not bring anyone. All the people you see here with me are people who have died. They're all ghosts.' Then suddenly they disappeared. Premier Zhou was terrified. After that, he issued orders to protect all the temples where the Old Master had lived. He thought Xuyun was a boddhisttava."

Bill Porter, Zen Baggage.