divendres, 21 d’agost del 2009

You are proper, you are safe

"-(Alma Burke): Because I want to be proper.

-(Private Prewitt): Proper?

-(A. B): Yes, proper. In another year, I’ll have enough money saved and I’ll go back to my hometown in Oregon and build a house for my mother and myself. And join the country club and take up golf. And I’ll meet the proper man with the proper position. I’ll be a proper wife who can run a proper home and raise proper children. And I’ll be happy because when you are proper, you are safe."

From here to Eternity, directed by Fred Zinnemann.

(Donna Reed played the role of Alma Burke, a prostitute at the New Congress Club. Montgomery Clift was private Prewitt, a soldier stationed in Hawaii, year 1941)