dijous, 11 de febrer del 2010

The Butcher

"He chops, carves, slices, minces and trims.
Soon he is sorrounded
by curly intestines and lumps of tongue,
the glutinous feet, slabs of spareribs,
pork chop, pork loin, pork butt,
pork belly, kidney and live.

He sells to the big restaurant facing the river,
the temple next to the chicken coops,
a few wives carrying their children,
the grocery store owner, the bald tailor,
and the letter writer who never stops talking.

Sometimes the kerosene peddler will curse him
for leaving too much fat.
Sometimes the barber will bring over
a can of soy bean milk as a gift.

He sharpens his knife when business is slow.
He remembers the sage's admonition
that to preserve a blade
the cook must seek the play
between the joints in the bones.

Wing Tek Lum, The Butcher.