dimarts, 9 de febrer del 2010

Sausage-shaped but lumpy

"Type 1: Feces come out in separate, hard lumps, similar to nuts. Type 1 stools have spent the longest amount of time in the colon and are generally difficult to pass. When feces sits in the colon for too long, it can cause one to become constipated. This condition is usually caused by a lack of fluids, lack of friendly bacteria, stress, excess mucus, and not enough good fiber. Avoid alcohol, baking soda, and all products with refined white flour, sugar, white rice and yeast.

Type 2: Stools are sausage-like in appearance but lumpy.

Type 3: Stool comes out similar to a sausage but with cracks in the surface.

Type 4: Feces are smooth and soft in the form of a sausage or snake.

Type 5: Feces form soft blobs with clear-cut edges that are easily passed through the system.

Type 6: Stools have fluffy pieces with ragged edges. These are considered mushy stools.

Type 7: Stool is entirely liquid and watery with no solid pieces. This type of stool has spent the least time in the colon. Diarrhea is usually caused by a bacterial or virus infection from foods or water. It can also be caused from anxiety, food allergy, drugs, or other problems in the colon. This is a sign that something is wrong and the body is trying to cleanse itself."

Bristol Stool Scale.

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