dimarts, 21 d’abril del 2009

Drinking ruinously on board

"Drinking commences in every grenadined corner of the Gabriella and it is very particular style of boozing. It can only be described as "sober drinking" -that serious business of getting perfectly shit-faced that seems to be an approach peculiar to the people of the Russo-Baltic countries east of Sweden. Manny Finnish men and women seem to pride themselves on being able to drink ruinously. Drams accompany everything from waking up until passing out. A glory shot of vodka with breakfast followed by lunchtime liveners and schnapps between each course at dinner are commonplace, even on land.

Passengers board Gabriella to buy alcohol -the merriment is essentially just a distraction while the shop is closed. The swedish government takes 140 kronor (12€) in tax a bottle of vodka -only Iceland and Norway demand more- this is comparatively high when you consider the UK takes half that amount.

By the team the buffet gets going at 19:00 everyone is stagering around -even the children, who are just being children, look drunk. Many take scant notice of the smörgasbord, opting instead to bleed the free DIY bat that consists of three pumps dispensing red and white wine and lager. It is an odd sensation to sit and observe and whether these people are truly enjoying themselves."

Saul Taylor, Ship Wrecked, on Monocle.