diumenge, 24 de maig del 2009

No wound stripes, when we are hurt

Légionnaire Tom Brown (Gary Cooper): What in a name of ten thousand purples would you come to a country like this for anyway.

Amy Jolly (Marlene Dietrich): I understand that men are never asked why they enter the Foreign Legion.

Légionnaire Brown: That’s right. They never asked me and if they dare I wouldn’t talk. When I’ll crash the Legion,
I’ll ditch the past.

Amy Jolly: There is a Foreign Legion for women, too, but we have no uniform, no flag and no medals. But we are brave. No wound stripes, when we are hurt."

Morocco, by Josef von Sternberg.

**("Morocco" has become one of the Iceberg top 5 movies of the year. We will update the ranking as soon as the chinese authorities allow us to have free access to Blogspot.)