diumenge, 14 de març de 2010

Do you read newspapers?

1. How often do you buy a newspaper?
Every day or almost every day: 44%.
1-4 times per week: 15%.
Occasionally: 30%.
Never: 11%.

2. How often do you buy magazines?
Every month: 26%.
Occasionally: 63%.
Never: 11%.

3. When you read news...
You usually do it on the Internet: 29%.
You usually do it in the print media: 25%.
50%-50% on the Internet and print: 37%.
You only watch tv or listen radio: 9%.

4. Are you subscribed to any online newspaper/magazine?
Yes: 37%.
No: 57%.
No but I will do in the near future: 6%.

5. Do/did you parents read print newspapers/magazines?
Yes: 85%.
No: 10%.
I do not know: 5%.

(Survey sample: 100 middle-high middle class urban citizens aged between 25-45 years old.
People who answered were: 80%, Catalan citizens. 15%, other European nationals. 5%, Asian nationals.)

Source: Iceberg Center for Intelligence Studies (ICIS) / surveymonkey.com

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