dimecres, 17 de març del 2010

Gangster paradise

-Imelda Marcos: So they say, "Mrs. Marcos, what do you think about shoes? I say, "well now it's my best defense because when the world went to Imelda's closet, they did not find skeletons, they found beautiful shoes.

-I.M.: And this is a Goya, for instance. And this is a Tiziano. This is a Gauguin, and this is a Picasso. It's a shame, you know. It's a pitty because whatever paintings you have here, is a painting that was kept by our servants and maids in their shanties, in the slum areas. They hardly had ceilings, shelter in their homes.

-I.M.: It doesn't mean that if you are poor you cannot be beautiful. I told the people in the provinces: "how come our country is a paradise, your houses are so ugly? Can't you do something about that?" Then the people said: "Oh, Mrs. Marcos, we are so poor, all we hace is coconuts and bamboo." Do you know what I did? I did a bamboo mansion and a coconut palace."

Ángel Villarino and Daniel Iriarte, VJ Movement. Unrepentant Imelda Marcos defends her own take on History.