divendres, 16 de juliol del 2010

Lack of imagination

"The worst thing for a man who spends a lot of time alone is lack of imagination. Life, which is already boring and repetitive, becomes deadly dull when imagination is missing.
Look at this individual with the bow tie. Many would enjoy speculating about his profession and his relationship with these women. I, on the other hand, see only a frivolous man.
I am not a frivolous man. The only frivolous thing I possess is my name, Titta di Girolamo."


"A famous financier said that when two people share a secret, it’s not a secret anymore. This is my unmentionable secret, and it’s not the only one. Respectable society tends to oversimplify drugs, dividing the world into addicts and non-addicts. It doesn’t take into account the many intermediate stages and vague situations, like mine; I’ve taken heroin once a week for 24 years, only on Wednesday mornings at 10 o’clock. I’ve never ever deviated from this rule. I can’t call myself an addict. I can’t say I’m alien to the drug problem.
Once a year I have my blood cleaned thoroughly. It’s a costly procedure. How long has Nitto lo Riccio been on the run? 25-26 years? I’ve never met the man who procures my heroin. I’ve spoken to him on the phone only once. His name is Ludovico. I think it’s an unsuitable name for a pusher."

Paolo Sorrentino, Le conseguenze dell'amore.